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We are excited to be doing a number of State Qualifying and Introductory tourmamnts throughout the year!

A State Qualifying tournament has a total of 5 rounds. Those 

who score 3 points will qualify for the State Championships in 

April. Sections will be determined based on numbers with U800 and Open sections where possible.

An Introductory tournament has a total of 4 rounds. It is for

players that are just starting to compete. Participants need to

be either under 800 rated or playing in their first few tournaments.

Currently we do not have any tournaments at the moment but check back for more information.

If you have not registered before it will ask you to make an account for the registration site. Don't worry about any of the not required information. I can't change the questions so if you are not comfortable providing the information please email me at: to register through email. You will want to add a profile for each child you are registering. Please let me know if you have any questions.